Industrial Data Processing

Industry 4.0:

“The concept of industry 4.0 or industry of the future refers to a new way of organizing the means of production”

In order to assist you in this process, our teams develop software-based IT solutions from recognized publishers but also offer tailor-made developments.


  • Analysis of your needs
  • Drafting of functional and organic analyses
  • Proposal of style guides
  • Development of study documents

Design and development:

  • Graphical instrumentation and command interfaces
  • Graphical monitoring tools, trend curves, reporting
  • Integration of production traceability databases, Cloud
  • Implementation of redundant systems
  • Development of communication tools
  • Computer network management
  • Virtualization of servers and control panel
  • Web interface design for remote process monitoring


  • Our teams assist you on your industrial sites in France and abroad
  • Training and support for production
  • Implementation of remote assistance solutions, deployment of tools for handling and monitoring automation